We also buy and sell selected quality antique furniture from all circa’s including;

  • Jacobean
  • Georgian
  • Queen Anne Chippendale Neoclassicism
  • French Provincial, Sheraton Federation
  • Regency
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Tudor
  • Art Deco
  • Art Nova
  • Retro


Our main aim is to preserve as much as possible of the furnitures original character.

In furniture repairs, french polishing and restoration work there is much to be considered.  

When repairing or replacing a broken piece we choose from our vast range of spare old & woods to make sure it suits your piece.


Where old French polish needs to be removed due to badly scratched or worn surfaces, this is done by hand with care. Using a paint & varnish remover is how we achieve this. Some cases we have seen people try to sand off the finish to get back to bare wood before the restoration stages commence, this is not the process that should be used to achieve a high quality finished product.


In some cases our rejuvenation process is used to achieve a desired finish. Which consists of our own home blend of products.


In Geelong, antiques are highly regarded, the same applies to areas from Melbourne down to the Surfcoast area.


French polishing is carried out by hand and finishing with a (rubber). 


Our upholstery work is designed to suit the individual piece enhancing comfort.


We also provide a glass and mirror replacement service, black smithing, metal work and lead lighting.


For free advice or a restoration price contact us NOW on 0408179916 or email us at jtantique@westnet.com.au


Taking an old original hall table and extending its length.

Hall Table Before

Hall Table Extending Process

Hall Table New Top

French polished Hall Table Finished Result

How a roll top desk jig saw puzzle looks before and after.

Roll Top Before

Roll Top After

Where a set of 6 chairs was missing one chair, a copy needed to be made.


Original Chair

Copy Made

The restoration process of a Victorian chest of draws.


Chest of Draws  restoration process

Chest of Draws repair process

Chest of Draws repair process

Not Yet Completed.


Restored Grandfather Clock French Polished

French Polish