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Highton Antique Furniture Restorations 


Sometimes your beloved furniture can become damaged or deteriorated. This can be caused from a whole lot of reasons.


Eg; Sun damage, Alcohol or alcohol based products, wood types, being abused or getting dropped or even if the original finish was done poorly it can deteriorate quicker than higher quality finishes.


Another example; in the 1930's-1960's a popular product that was used is spirit varnish. This product deteriorates quickly and can bring a terrible look to your beloved antique. 


This is why here at Highton Antiques we are here to fix these problems. 


We only use highest quality products to ensure your newly finished product looks just as healthy as it did from when it was made. In saying this, sometimes our customers like to maintain an aged look as well, whilst still having a clean up to make the furniture healthier.


Some of the products for finishes we use are; French Polish, Varnish, Spirit and Oil Stains, Two Pac and Single Pac Spray finishes, along with high quality Oils and Waxes. With these products to get a flawless finish is a very tedious process which requires patience and experience.


Our focus is not only on antiques as a good majority of our work is also newer furniture.


We deliver the highest standard of craftsmanship available and care about our customers.


Local quotes are completely free so please dont hesitate to call or email us to get a quote.




Call John on 0408179916 or email us at jtantique@westnet.com.au

Geelong Antiques - Furniture Repairs, Restorations and French PolishingGeelong Antiques - Furniture Repairs, Restorations and French Polishing